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These terms and conditions are the legal background for the relationship between 

Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS and you, our players. It is applied to our products, 

services and Winners Mobile Sport betting facilities that we offer. 

 Although Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS and its proprietors make every effort to keep 

information hosted on the website accurate and current as well as in accordance with gambling 

guidelines and legislation, we can’t be held responsible for: 

  • Liability for any damages
  • Gambling addictions
  • Side effects
  • Adverse effects
  • Medical complications
  • Injury
  • Death arising from the use of any information available on its website.

 By making use of any of Winners Mobile Sport betting, the player or user 

warrants that he or she is older than 18 years. Any person 18 years or older can operate a 

Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS sports betting account. Proof of identity, age and 

residency is required prior to opening any account. 


 In order to ensure that Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS is in a financial position to make 

payments of its betting obligations, Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS has lodged financial 

guarantees with the Lagos Gambling Board and or the Gambling Boards in other jurisdictions. 

 It is compulsory that your full names, residential address and contact details are obtained by 

Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS to comply with the Lagos Gambling Board and or the 

Gambling Boards in other jurisdictions. 

 By using the  Winners Mobil sports betting facilities on the Powerbets Limited t/a 

SUPABETS’ website, or the tele-betting service that is offered by Powerbets Limited t/a 

SUPABETS, you acknowledge there is a risk of losing money and you accept full responsibility 

for such losses. 

 You acknowledge and agree that your access to and use of the products and betting facilities 

offered via SMS , USSD, and use of the Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS betting 

facilities service, or the tele-betting service that is offered by Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS, 

is at your sole option, discretion and risk. 

 Under no circumstances will Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS be liable to you in contract, 

breach of statutory duty or otherwise under or in connection with these terms, your use of, or 

inability to use, the betting facilities service, or other products or services, any of 

our chat rooms or any online sports betting software, materials or other information on our 

website, or any goods, materials or services available from there, for: 

Any injury, loss, claim, loss of profits, opportunity or revenue, loss of business or 

agreements, loss of goodwill, loss of use or corruption of software, loss or corruption of 

data or loss of anticipated savings; 

Loss or damage to property, or injury; 

General damages or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or 

punitive damages of any kind. 

 You specifically acknowledge, agree and accept that Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS is 

not liable for the following: 

The accuracy, completeness or currency of any information services provided including 

without limitation, prices, runners, times, results or general statistics or any live scores, 

statistics and intermediate results. 

Acts or omissions by a third party whom you have authorised to gain access to the 

Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS’ sports betting facilities on your 


Any link contained, or the website or content contained, on any internet sites linked to 

and from the website. 

IT failures which are caused by the hardware or software equipment which you are using 

to access the Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS’ online sports betting website; 

Any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any customer or third party; 

Any loss, including any loss of winnings, arising from the use, abuse or misuse of your 

account or any of Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS’ products and services, whether by 

you or a third party acting on your behalf; 

Any loss, including loss of winnings, incurred in the sending of information to our 

website by you or by a third party acting on your behalf; 

Any technical failures, system breakdowns, defects, delays, interruptions, manipulated or 

improper data transmission, loss or corruption of data, communications' lines failure, 

distributed denial of service attacks, or bugs or viruses or any other adverse technological 

consequence to betting facilities on the Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS’ website. 

 Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS reserves the right to close any account, whether it be a 

result of more than one account opened by you, or malicious use and bet placement on your 

behalf. Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS also reserves the right to refuse any pending bet it 

finds malicious. 

 You acknowledge and agree that all trademarks, logos, domain names, database rights and all 

related software, including content published or used on it is the intellectual property of 

Powerbets Limited t/a SUPABETS. 

 There are specific terms and conditions that relate to the online sports betting facilities that 

can be accessed HERE

 There are specific terms and conditions related to each type of Sport that you are able to bet 

on and these can be accessed HERE.


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